Thursday, 4 June 2009


Blazing through am compelled to do
to just feel the wind kissing through
caressing the skin that shivers
the slice of the cold wind may seem to cut me into pieces
but the roaring of the waves leave me more cold
colder still when the rain will pour in fury

There is no stopping
for i know that strength is best seen in resilience

Revisiting my blog

(or perhaps, this is the reason why i didn't blog?---too much outings :-)

My not writing was at first a case of respite.

And then it became a nuissance to write. I can't blog from my blogspot due to some technicalities.

For 6 months, the issue on freedom of speech and expression played in my mind. But then in truth, I didn't have the chance to write. I rested easy on the fact that my spot was 'blocked'...

But truly, it might just be a convenient excuse of disappearing in virtuality.