Monday, 28 January 2008

The twelve apostles

Slowly I get to see places down under. Last Saturday we went to the great ocean road to pay tribute to the 12 apostles. Our guide told us that they were 'remnants' of the great landbridges that used to connect Asia and Pacific.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Monday, 21 January 2008



Out of impulse, we drove for almost an hour hoping to take a swim in Geelong. The heat was sweltering that day. We reached the place around 6:30 in the evening and, the cool change came. I wasn't able to take a dip as it started to get cold. This photo is taken (like an ordinary tourist) at 7:30 pm... Thanks to summer time.

I do miss the unspoiled 'boca del cielo' of ours in Bohol...

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Random images down under

Welcome flower...
The most welcoming creature I met one day while I was about to leave for my volunteer work. It seems it bloomed to cheer me up one day...
rose petals from the garden...
Stop, smell the flowers... is an immortal advice. Out here, I do it often to scoop at the meaning of beauty...

Ceres bike workshop...
I fell in love with this place due to its innovation. The people out here started to develop this dump from scratch. Now, it is a center for sustainability.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Water talk

The Asian Development Bank released a finding that the water quality in the Philippines is worsening. This is nothing new. One will just have to take a look around and things are not getting any better.

What about the question on accessibility of water? Have we gotten ahead out of this?

In grade school, I can still remember how much we suffered of water scarcity. People in the house has to stay up so late just to find water. It was common to knock at a neighbor's door to 'borrow' a container of water for drinking.

I know, the younger ones would find it hard to believe. But it is true... It was only very lately that we experienced a good supply of running water. Mind you, it is not steady!

Looking at the future, water might be a cause for trouble...

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Browsing through the local paper

I went through my local community newspaper on the web and was surprised to find that the Provincial Government already approved the annual budget for fiscal year 2008. It is indeed surprising as I was so used to having the City Annual Budget approved first. I even recalled how easier it was for the City Council to reach a consensus than the provincial body.

For two years, I witnessed the tedious process of approving an annual budget at the local level. Due to the nature of the post that I held, I consciously put the figures and the information aside due to ethical reasons.

However, reading this news reminded me as to how far I have been removed from the ‘internals’ of my city. That happily, people can move on and deal with their lives separately for there are just too much of choices that we are into.

In the same paper, they also talked about C-205 and its need for iron-clad implementation. Yes, I recognized that measure! I am glad that they revisited such an ordinance. I also hope that it will be materialised… along with many other wishes that I have for the new year.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Happy New Year!

A friend emailed me earlier today saying:

"Best Wishes for 2747 Karen New Year!

Best Wishes all of you. Unfortunately, we Karen Could not celebrate Karen New Year in Thailand and Burma in Thailand King's sister pass away and no body can happy the whole
month, no celebration, no event. In Burma Malitary do not allowed. we can have very small and few people can participate. Anyway, hope for the best for the Karen future!"

Their New Year will only be tomorrow, January 8th but their situation prevents them from really celebrating. Most of the Karens are refugees. They live in a 'borrowed' land...

Just like to most of us, living in a borrowed land, phase, dream and situation, we try to hope that tomorrow and the new year will bring something that finally, we claim our own.


A woman slept at the railway station last night because the hubby turned her out of the house. She walked for an hour to catch the train. By the time she reached the station closer to the church, she just can't find the strength to walk again. So, she just slept at the station hoping that her 'angels' will keep her safe from harm.

I saw her this morning. I showed her where the shower was. We had tea and randomly talked about her situation. She was too calm and talked casually talked about her 'last night'.

After all the talks that she had with some people, she came to our office again and smiled calmly. She bid goodbye. She was going back to the house. She wants to be with her kids. She'll brave the maltreatment. After all, she's on the 'saner' side...


Friday, 4 January 2008

Voice of Dissent

Help me understand just what he is saying about climate change...

We do have much room for diversity of opinions and ideas. I try hard to understand the need of looking at the problem at an objective manner. I don't play up guilt and fear when I approach the issue on climate change. It is not just me.

I ended up volunteering for climate change not because of the catastrophic end that we shall soon see. I put my energies on efforts that I know we can still do things together. My cause and my passion is not equated to my religion. Passions are feelings. When you run out of it, the faith that we get as believers are inexhaustible...

That is why, help me see what he is talking about.