Thursday, 10 January 2008

Browsing through the local paper

I went through my local community newspaper on the web and was surprised to find that the Provincial Government already approved the annual budget for fiscal year 2008. It is indeed surprising as I was so used to having the City Annual Budget approved first. I even recalled how easier it was for the City Council to reach a consensus than the provincial body.

For two years, I witnessed the tedious process of approving an annual budget at the local level. Due to the nature of the post that I held, I consciously put the figures and the information aside due to ethical reasons.

However, reading this news reminded me as to how far I have been removed from the ‘internals’ of my city. That happily, people can move on and deal with their lives separately for there are just too much of choices that we are into.

In the same paper, they also talked about C-205 and its need for iron-clad implementation. Yes, I recognized that measure! I am glad that they revisited such an ordinance. I also hope that it will be materialised… along with many other wishes that I have for the new year.
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