Thursday, 8 March 2007

Brand New Day

I rummaged through my clothes today in search for something lavander to wear. It is women's day and I felt like celebrating. In the messy things in life, I chose to see the brighter side and focus on the things that I can do well and efficiently.

I dress up to give support to my boss who, in the political arena, was accused of betraying her party... It was not that way in the real sense. She was just true to her mandate and tried very hard to collaborate with everyone. However, when it worked, the people in her party were disappointed. The people benefited. However, the city gains did not win her a ticket to her party. She was booted out.

This gave me the necessary excuse to go out with a friend and do some sharing. Caffeine and talk goes together more than anything. One of the questions raised after our talk was 'what power lesson can we get out of it?' I kept quiet and said that the lesson is recycled--- when one goes against the grain, one will get crucified...

So much for this rantings... I just hope to see a new city with higher goals and higher thoughts. I just wish that leaders would look beyond affiliations and for once get moving.


I gave her the 'lamp post' award. She might stand alone but it radiates too much light. It deters crime from happening and attracts all the tiny insects around her... Goodness attracts but may not go well with politicking...
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