Friday, 15 February 2008


The front lawn of my house is full of scrap. We waited for almost one month for the HMR (heavy metal recycler) to pick it up but it seems that it will stay for a while out there. We even called one day to complain but a grumpy wife simply dismissed us saying that his hubby is in the hospital. Translation: wait till he is able to get it.

The waiting went on and our grumblings grew. We just can't believe that our tiny yard became a 'junk yard'. It is a terrible site for the pedestrians.

I will go back to the surly reply of a wife in pain. Little did we know (to our abberation of tabloid-community papers), the incident regarding the hubby was no domestic hospitalisation. It was work-related. Apparently the guy and his son was mauled and 'chopped' by rival HMR groups in the morning while the two were rounding up for some scrap metals.

Big sigh. In a very clean, posh and rich Australia, they too fight for scraps. For them it was a 'job hazard'. I just don't know how they would call the fighting scavengers of payatas and many other 'smokey mountain' areas in my country.
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