Friday, 7 March 2008

Salamat po!

I may not always be in touch with you… or, I may always be at your back, trying to

get things done… or, I may be too straight, harsh and direct at pointless matters around us… or, I may be too oblivious at what is going on because a deadline is in the offing.

But I still have to say this over and over and over again: thank you for the journey. I will soon be five months down under!

It is a journey of faith coming over to Melbourne… I am sure it must also be for you when you invited and welcomed me over too!

Thank you for:
Welcoming me
Listening and making me feel like home
Understanding and simply accompanying
The laughs and the cries
Believing and trusting
Bearing with my erratic working habit
The space and venues for silence
Feeding and showing me around…
Updating and encouraging me…

(I refuse to mention names for fear of missing out important ones.)

Let me borrow the words of St. Paul, “I thank my God, each time I think of you… and when I pray for you, I pray with joy…”

Down the road,
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