Thursday, 17 April 2008

A Recipe for Feeding the World


• People’s need for good food

• Land for people, not profit

• Credit for small landholders

• Fair commodity prices

• Fair wages

• Appropriate technology

• Care for the environment


• Stir well till all problems are dissolved.

• Keep ingredients free from war, corruption and agribusiness or the mixture will curdle.

• Feed at least five billion. (That should now be six billion.)

Back home a growing unrest due to the shortage of rice is brewing. Although some calls it a 'staged' crisis, the alarming food shortage hits a very important nerve in a people whose staple food is rice.

This brings me back to the basic challenge of justice. In lawschool, social justice was literally funneled down to our system with the hope of having some when we get hardened by legalese... How much of those truly remained in the systems of governance?

How much? (May we have the bill please...)
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