Thursday, 3 September 2009

Tagbilaran Morn

What is good in the morning? Having a feel of roaming around while mostly are still asleep. It is just as if you roam freely without much spectators. Yes, it is just like in the night... tranquil and quiet but with the presence of the sun.

I equate it to power: getting ahead of those who chose to embrace their pillows and chose to prolong the pseudo-darkness in them.

But who owns the morning? The ones who can’t choose to sleep--- these are the early morning workers whose jobs require them to leave the comfort of their beds. . The health buffs are in the other category. We have those who are so conscious of their health that they lord over the streets and the parks for the cause called fitness. There are those who are under threat from debilitating illnesses or who chose to be cowered by their doctors and the blood pressure apparatuses. We have the students whose fear of being late and get demerit or fines from their respective school.

In the earlier part of the morning, one can also have the glimpse of grandeur when it is safe to sway your hips in the middle of the streets since transport is still very scarce.

I like the morning coolness and the clarity of the streets. The streets won’t lie.

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