Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Ey, the world is still on!

Yes, my last blog entry was last year. It was in my post-operative moments when talking to the computer monitor was not such a bad idea. From that time until now, I day dreamed of having loads of blog entries. Everything, canned in my mind.

Don't count on me as a groupie of doomsday sayers telling that the world will soon end. I just can't join their group because they were just waiting for the world to end. Now that the world moved on, they have to set another deadline when the world will soon stop. Why? They found it good to wait...

For me, I don't need to wait for it to end for am aware that other people's world already ended-- over some relationships, untold stories or perhaps, unrealized dreams. Should we listen to them, perhaps, their world may seem trivial. But then, I find it more colorful than waiting for the world to end...
(this spot might be a good place to wait... but hey, who will sponsor my provisions?)
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