Thursday, 5 March 2015

Travel Light

Traveling light is traveling in style.  You breeze through check ins and head straight to your destination upon arrival. You are one happy person squeezing through the public transport system, saving a lot of money.

Some tips:

1.  Plan very well, analyze the nature of your trip.
2.  It pays to wash clothes.  What is a 10 minute washing compared to an eternal lugging in of oversized luggage?
3.  Traveling for a week, a month or even months sounds the same to me:
         A.  2 pairs of pants (the first pair is worn on day 1)
         B.  2 lightweight clothes 
         c.  4 tops (shirts or blouses)
         d.  2 leggings
         e.  underwears 
         f.  microfiber towel
         g.  sarong
         h.  toiletries. & laundry soap
         g. camera
         h.  traveling adopter.
4.  wear the bulkiest clothes and footwear at the airport or in long journeys.
5.  Maintain a good disposition.  Be happy!

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