Monday, 22 January 2007

Engaged Individual

There are those that make waves without making an effort. I did my share last year. A single signature changed their outlook on my name and my stances. It was when I affixed my signature on a manifesto and signed it as "ENGAGED INDIVIDUAL"...

Until now, a lot of friends would still greet me with an unusual “hi! Engaged individual!”

WHAT IS THAT? Engagement is often used when we mean to tie the knot. They sarcastically assumed the hilarity of people congratulating me and inviting themselves to my 'wedding'... But, still, many squarely looked at me and asked for the real meaning of the word. I advised them to look into the meaning of engagement and that is how I want to be as an individual. --bereft of structures or even institutions, I still continue to hold on to my beliefs no matter what.

The gun even needs to be engaged before the shooting to the target. At that time, to my recall, my body was truly so shoot up to engagement. But the signature still stands. I still would like to believe that engagement is the key for one not to forget. For vigilance to stay and people to be reminded of…
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