Thursday, 11 January 2007

Over a nasty hang over…

(7th January 2007)

I woke up knowing that early part of my sleeping (or how it came to be) can’t be put into logical patterns. There was a lapse… I was drunk. I woke up with the young people looking at me with concern. I winked to confirm my being undead… I stood only to rush to the nearest coconut tree. I dumped all the solids that I munched on the night before. I rushed to the toilet to dump more of the liquids taken. I was truly wasted.

The first words uttered was “history is made… it is my second time to puke after a drinking spree”. The worst is yet to be. The dismantling of my innards just started. The microbes in my tummy revolted. They shouted freedom and rushed outside. Even a good cold mineral water was refused entry by the newly recruited vigilantes.

I slept and never allowed myself to move for fear of another rising foment, of having more revolutions rushing out. I continued that way until I went home. There was Beng, a youth leader who was really at my side taking care of me.

At home, I sought refuge to my room only to visit the comfort room. I slept until my state of euphoric inebriation went down. My first solid food was taken in at 5:30 PM. It was also the time that I asked for a good massage and a soothing vaporizer. It was another time to sleep.

I was woken up by a rainy Monday. I decided to take a morning off. I had an extended sickness. It was a chance for me to mull things over. A review. Why do people get drunk? It is when they get overconfident. I drank too much. I did not eat a decent meal before that (a good sandwich was what I took the day before --- hmmm would that count?). Yes, I overdid it.
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