Friday, 22 December 2006

The Ordinary

In my current world and 'life' we tend to work for the ordinary people but we keep in mind that our output should not be less than the ordinary. The ordinary people deserves more than what has least been delivered to them. They deserve all the attention that we have in the service.

These created tensions and a countless worries on my part. At times, I wondered how the masses also appreciated and valued the work we do. I know for a fact that very few people cared on what measures we make or approve. It takes a lot of time for the impact of our work to sink in and stir public support or uproar.Another 'ordinary' created a lot of excited and elicited much of attention last week. At least in my island, people were so much up to it. It was the installation of the local ordinary of our Diocese. The only line that caught me so much during his canonical possession was “and now the Ordinary is walking to his Cathedral”. It is an ordinary that is formally addressed as His Excellency…

This thought struck me too much. Greatness by a lot of people was attained because they were so ordinary. Jesus for one drew multitudes of crowds because he is an ordinary doing something excellently. How can this ‘greatness’ be translated into the delivery of services to the people? How can this sensitivity be transferred to many systems and institutions that shout so much of mechanical services and pale much in terms of human heart? (I am not exempted from this righteous question)

These contradictions led me to look into the present Advent. While many people wait for the countless parties and lavish gifts that they have to give away, countless peoples are waiting in vain. They wait in hope for the impossibility to be gone. May joblessness be taken away and the suffering be erased. May the mothers of the disappeared be reunited with their lost sons and/or daughters. When would despair face the transformation of bliss and joy?
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