Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Weekend at boca del cielo's

It was a hurried weekend. One that parallels the traffic inside the shopping malls. Christmas season is almost here.

I had another schedule and that is to be with friends, enjoy the Cathedral of stars and hear the unadulterated laughter and fearless discussion among friends. We converged at Doljo. We groped through the dark shores and hoped that the slimy crawling creatures chose another sandy shore to be at that time.

It was a decision to be there. I could have slept at home and just forget about everything. However, the events of some people withdrawing support from our much prepared manifesto was not just a headache but caused heartache from me.

So, I went out to my solace, my oasis. I was with friends who will soon leave the island to be with their families in their respective lands. I was with people who can intelligently engaged in a soulful conversation or crack a very funny joke at a blink of any anatomy...
Early morning, we discussed criminal law thanks to a party crasher who thought very less of the Filipinas who joined in the party. The men at the party were incensed and howled in protest but we toned down the situation saying that we will just tell the necessary feedback to the barangay.
We gleefully asked for G.... to be patalsikin... It was a mantra and a competition as to who can give the best punchline among us all.
We had a good time. Perhaps, it was also because it was a despidida of sorts to all of us. We have our own journey to do and a moving on to encounter.
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