Monday, 11 December 2006

Con Ass rantings

Let me vent out my frustration at receiving the news while I was out of the country. The nation's representatives sleepily agreed to change the course of history (or rather take it into their hands) by approving the constitution of Con Ass. When I read it over my mobile phone, I felt like remaining out of the country and declaring a leave of absence as a Filipino in the meantime.

However, the curdling of my blood and the shock at how some of the politicians accepted it in stride was just too much. I was even tempted to resign immediately from work. I could understand that some local politicians are so scared of the amount of money they have to put up for the coming elections. However, my idealistic mind took over...

What better way to name the move like CON ASS! From the very start, we were thought not to lick asses as it would be the lowest form of giving away oneself. We were also thought to be wary of cons. They wouldn't beat an eyelash of stripping you off of whatever 'treasures or honor' one may have.

Now, I begin to wonder who are the cons and the asses? Which is of lower form? The con or the asses. If the Ass is such a con, would they qualify to be the so-called dumb ass holes our country could ever-glorify in masse?

Scraam you dumb!
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