Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Yes, am missing home. I miss a lot of things that I don’t get to do out here. But I connect much to what is going on at home. I read the news and catch up with every crumb that goes along the way.

I wonder how much of the truth got filtered along the way in my readings. I wonder how much ‘defacement’ of facts took place in the transfer of information and in my reception of it. Let me just make some bullets on the news I got from home and somehow place it back into my blog---

The NPC mural.

The National Press Club cried for being ripped in the open, alleging that the artists asked for a very high fee. On the other hand, the artists cried foul over the alleged censorship. Some faces were altered to allegedly cater to the whims of some sectors in society.
I cannot put a price on art and talent. The NPC should be the first one to know that. They survive on the freedom of expression and art is the driver of what we must express. What has gone wrong?

Am saddened and alarmed at how a very prestigious institution succumbed to censorship or pressures. The NPC got the much-earned respect because it stood by principles and the truth.

Comprador barangay elections.

Generally, the people still sold their votes to the highest bidder in the latest barangay elections. This is an ongoing defacement of the order of things that we still cling unto (at a superficial level?). What are the other alternatives? Lest, we continually regress to a pointless corner altogether.

The issues highlighted above might not be THE issue back home. Yet somehow, these issues brought me home. How can changes be alternatively effected? Can there be any? The cynics say NOPE.

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