Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My thoughts on Vipassana

(Dhamma server: April 25-May 6, 2012, Cebu City, Philippines)


before dawn strikes, we were up for the serving... 


our lunch in one of the meditation days...

1.        The secret of it all lies on the tip of our nose, the gateway of our breath.

2.       We all have our paths to tread. 

3.       The type of journey or travel we take in life is dependent on our self-awareness.

4.       Noble silence is a requisite to gaining awareness.

5.       Detachment is a path to happiness.

6.       Detachment is a challenge in many forms.  Most of it, we find difficult to let go as it is in our list of ‘goodness’.

7.       Our craving to the habit patterns of the mind is a strong enemy we need to battle daily.

8.       Self-discipline is a requisite to it all.  It does not come easy. 

9.       We have to work things out.

10.   The egos that we have can mushroom into bigger forms in the pretext of humility.

11.   Being dependent on others for directions and sustenance can be very scary.

12.   As to when we get out of the real misery, we really don’t know.  But the best step takes place when we somehow understood it all.

13.   We always have our own personal motivation to serve in a course.  For whatever reason, we get purified in the process if we are just open to it.

14.   Serving either inflates or deflates our egos.  Let us be mindful.

15.   We should always start again.

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