Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Keeping faithful to the sit

How do you manage to keep still?

Almost a month after my latest Vipassana sitting, I found myself drifting during sitting times.  Three days ago, I was restlessly shifting and waiting when the hour is up.   I could hear Goenkaji’s telling me to simply “observe”…  I told myself to discover the colors and shapes of anica.

In between work,  when am not formally sitting, I actively observe the sensations and I still get both the pleasant and unpleasant sensations.  I have to restrain myself from ‘playing’ with it.

More and more, I hatched some escape routes to the sit.  Some as applied to me are the following:

1.  Saying yes to all night activities.  This would make me skip from my night sits.   Remedy:  Do a lunch sitting.  I tried doing this once, it did very well.   

2.  Sleeping in.  Excessive nocturnal activities tempt you to sleep in.  This prevents you to do a proper morning sit as work takes over when the sun rises up so high.

3.  Topsy turvy room.  Yes Kins, please clean up your room.  :-)

For a trying hard meditator, I choose to continue in this effort to be more regular and faithful to the practice. 


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