Thursday, 14 June 2012

Visiting places where climate change is so real

CHILDREN EVERYWHERE  (our official welcome party)

ADAPTABILITY since water could be just everywhere, even the pigs are secured.  They stay with humans sometimes...
I went to a densely populated isle...  Where climate change is lived and where the people normalized this occurrence. 

SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT.  But this is nothing when the waters come rushing in.  The king of the island is simply the tides.

THE WATERS...  At least, the waters were not murky.  The ocean tides closed in.

NORMALIZED.  The kids welcome the water with glee (and all other creatures living and non-living). The microbiologists say otherwise.

ANOTHER ORDINARY DAY.  The lady washing her clothes beside the house pig while another kept them company.

WAITING.  Mother and child looking at the water...

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