Friday, 29 June 2012

A vegetarian in Penang

First vegetarian Lunch in Penang

Apparently, we spent our first lunch at the wrong place.  One of my friends entered into a place that spelt a total vegetarian atmosphere.  I the enthusiast who followed him inside was in all awe and wonders.  The local was a bit disappointed.  He wanted us to get into the best banana leaf place.
accidental but lovely mistake

last lunch with a deacon

we finished out meals

We ordered an authentic vegetarian lunch to share.  

 It was a food with the word ‘ulam’ on it… Over-all, I liked the ambiance of the restaurant.  The staff were very gentle and accommodating.  We enjoyed taking photos there.

More tips:

1.  Vegetarian food is cheaper than meat.
2.  If you are unsure, ask.
3.  Honestly declare that you are vegetarian.  There is no harm in letting the kitchen know that you mean business.
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