Friday, 29 June 2012

Those colorful foods with beautiful people

I was surprised that most of my friends had a long list of food to eat when in Penang.  Mine was on a different agenda.  It was simply to maintain a vegetarian diet while I was there.  That literally meant  15 meals…

How did I survive?  The photos would show.  

brekky vegetarian meal

rothi canai at old town

non vegetarian meal

laksa -non vege

eat-all- you can veggie lunch

Indian lunch

 Where are the wonderful people?

after a long walk, it was a feast of spirits and junk foods

breakfast meal

drinks for the wi-fi
Disclaimer:  I took photos of non-veg meals for the sake of art.  I didn't order it.  Those were included in the long list of craved-for foods by these wonderful people...
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