Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Other Activities when in Penang, Malaysia

The whole area of Georgetown is a UNESCO heritage area.  It is where most of the artsy, fancy and touristic stuff happens.  However, there are more exciting things to do more than being with the happy shutters all the time.

1.  Take a walk.  Yes, I know.  Georgetown is by itself a walking city. What I mean here is to take the hard walk.  Go to Penang Hill.  It is a cardio walk.  (If you don't want to pay 30RM for the funicular ride, you may start tackling the hill from the Botanical Garden nearby.  It is for around 3-4 hours walk uphill)
It was simply the fun of being together that kept us going

Slowing down but persistent

Something caught their curiosity...

2.  While at Take time to enjoy the diversity of its flora and fauna...

The monkey cup

spot the monkey

3.  Take the funicular.  Actually, not just once.  Kek Lok Seh Temple also got another one.

4.  Go to more temples.  (I'll blog more about Kek Lok Seh)

5.  Enjoy the food.

6.  Enjoy the company of friends or yourself.
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