Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hanoi Drinks

Tops in my list are the fresh fruit juices.  I can't get enough of them

All of the fruits displayed here are convertible to juices :-)

Another shift to cold coffee and dilmah tea

it still looks like cocktail

A generous mojito

how adventurous can you be?  pick your choice...

I can't get enough of the drinks in Hanoi.  The beer is available anywhere.  But since I resolved to cut down on my spirits, I zero my choice to the fruit juices.  In just any corner, you can have them as fresh as it can be.

In one of the evenings in Hanoi, we went to City View Cafe.  The mojito in the picture is prepared by the bartenders there.  They are too generous on the alcohol.  You get your money's worth...

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