Thursday, 6 September 2012

HO CHI MINH MAUSOLEUM: prohibitively exciting

Friends said that it is in the must-go list.  The guidebook put it on the top list.  I almost veered away from the normal route.  I’ve been to the Ho Chi Minh Museum in Saigon and I thought since I’ve been to one, there is no need to go elsewhere.  However, I was indeed happy that I didn’t skip this route.

I can’t give a detailed photograph of the museum as my camera was taken in custody. This gave me more focus to breathe into the experience and remember everything.  

I can’t forget the long line.  The queue was impossibly long at 8:00 AM.  The locals and the foreigners were there, fully observing the dress code!  Although the line was long, people were much disciplined.  The presence of the museum guards (must be military) also subdued the atmosphere.  They were very much in command that there glance or frown made one stand on the line on a hushed tone.  (Yeah, I did the same! J)
Stepping into the mausoleum was just very quick.  However, the atmosphere was very solemn.  He was indeed revered as the father of the nation.  I’ve seen a local shed a tear and lowered her head with a bow at the mere sight of the body of Uncle Ho.  I was also kept silent looking into how he managed to inspire Vietnam to fight against the colonizers and made one great country humble.

I wonder if my country would also ever produce one leader that would ever rally us to a change beyond our own personal interests.

A friend 'smuggled' her i-phone into the mausoleum.  This is the only photo she prohibitively took.  It was the Presidential Palace that we took and not the mausoleum though...

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