Sunday, 9 September 2012

Backpacking Maldives

It is true.  In just one glance, the seas of Maldives blends into several colors of blue and green.

It is also a fact that it is a pricey place.

Another fact to add is that you can see nothing much of Maldives in Male.  But the the different sea colors can drown you into ecstasy.  But nah, it is prohibited to show off your priced swimming gears.

Here are some tips to survive Male.
1.  Couchsurfing.  Although it is not so common out there, you can actually try your best.  This can save much.
2.  Visit during low season.  This gives you more mobility.
3.  When traveling South Asia, include it in the itinerary.  As it is a honeymoon place, it is prohibitively expensive to go straight to Maldives from wherever you are.  However, going to Male from Colombo or any city in India is very reasonable.
4.  Survive immigration.  Dress respectably (not too shabbily) at the airport.  You can breeze through it with a smile or undergo much questions regarding your capacity to holiday in that lovely isle.
5.  Respect the place.  Please observe the dress code.  Showing of 'flesh' may be tolerated to some extent but not much when you're a lone traveler.
6.  Leave porky and spirits behind.  In order not to catch much attention and controversies, don't take pork products and alcohol with you. 
7.  Replenish supplies before boarding the plane.  Maldives is expensive.  Especially if you traveled in South Asia for sometime, you get a shock to the high price of goods.  Also, the products are limited.  If you are fussy with a particular type of shampoo or bar of soap, secure one before boarding the plane.
8.  Take canned goods or food with you.  If you get lucky, you can barter it with a good hangout or acquaintance.  You get lucky to be cool.

Happy trip everyone!

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