Friday, 29 June 2012

Backpacking 101 for veggies and lone travellers

How did I spend in my 6-day trip to Penang?  I didn't splurge.  I lived.

Here are some helpful discovery learned in my latest travel:

Am always amazed by graffitti

Wishing Ribbons.  Yeah, wishes are too colorful and free...

The Hindu Temple by Penang Hills
The caption looked too healthy but clearly, it is not.  hahaha
  1.  Pack lightly.
  2.  Plan your luggage well.  Don't forget the laundry soap.
  3.  NAIA 3's best food shop for vegetarians is 7-11.  They sell fresh fruits.  I spent P56 pesos for a hearty lunch. 
  4. Arriving at LCCT,  do not grab the first fruit, salad or veggie stall.  Take time to go around.  I settled for the rojak store.  A local helped me in finding the right mix.  8 RM.  Fruit juice for 4.5 RM.  A popular juice stand before the entrance of the terminal sells juice for 11 RM...
  5. The Emporium shop sells cheaper food and drinks inside the pre-departure area.  A water bottle is for 2 RM  In some shops, it is for 5 RM...
  6. I caught up with sleep on the plane.  I anticipated for delayed arrivals and late pick up.
  7. The vegetarian restaurant at LCCT serves Indian food.  Be decisive on what to order and then smile...
  8. Don't expect to get a good internet connection in airport terminals.  Stock on e-books or take time to edit.
  9. Take more photos.  It is free...
  10. Connect with friends.  (And then being alone is truly relative)
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