Friday, 29 June 2012

Surviving the food capital on veggie food

It was a major test.  Will I finally succumb to meat in Penang?  The food list is endless.  Will I get to enjoy the place when this time, my food list will be limited to a plant-based diet?  Here are some tips and signs.

1.  Travel with broad-minded friends who respect your individuality.  Some of them don't mind sharing veggie meals with you.

tolerant non-veg friends on our first lunch together

2.Go heavy on fruit juices.  It is mostly fresh and very cheap.  The other 'unspirited' drinks are also very cheap.

honeyed lime juice
iced coffee

cooling sugar cane juice (I had mine without sugar)

power juice for lunch

3.  The world conspires with you.  It will send a guide...  Mine is Rory.  She just popped into our place on the second day.  It turned out she knows well about vegetarianism and knows a lot of cool places to eat.

Rory and her non-veg brekky

Walk-about Georgetown with Rory as the cheerful guide
More tips to follow.
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