Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Rice Reflections


October 17, 2007 the Bohol Initiators for Sustainable Agiculture and Development (BISAD) supported by the Young People for Development (YPD) organized a cultural night in to commemorate the world food day celebration and to strongly say NO TO GMO RICE!
PHOTO CREDITS: Ryan Macalandag.

No matter how much I call you, you fill up my senses, give me energy.

My creative ancestors wrapped you up in coco palm. The seafaring Boholano blended their need for rice and the way to keep it fresh for a long time.

The drought is over, the last harvest insures a good supply of food for the next month. I can't contain my joy. It is truly appropriate that we pay tribute to the rice.

you might not know of the different rices existing in our province. If you open us up, be surprised at the different varieties that you can discover. Please take the pain to educate your peers about the loss of the many indigenous rice at the onset of the hybrids...

Keep GMO off our province, we have so much of varieties to keep.

It takes pain to bring rice to our tables but we know how to balance our life. we find solace in the music that we play and the community that be belong to...

Sir, please keep us in mind when you think of investments and development. If you can't see past us, just keep the rice in mind...

Please share what happened in your next meeting with the Chamber of Commerce.
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