Wednesday, 10 October 2007

An uneasy afternoon

I was late for the funeral mass. I just got back from so many errands (although others will call it work.) But we were on time for the funeral procession for the cemetery. We were added to the pile of cars that came for the funeral. We were an attendance, a statistic.

What unfolded at the cemetery was a drama. The cries and the moans were not the ordinary sorrows of loss and guilt. Everybody knows that it was more than that. Perhaps others cried thinking that they could have cared or have gotten more involved. Others just realized the consequence of the decisions that they have made. Others cried out of shame or apathy of the situation.

I also shed a tear. It was a tear of helplessness. We buried a beautiful soul whose only mistake was to hope. She hoped for a rosy future and a solid family. She begged for love and attention. She worked so hard at becoming perfectly best. To our humane standards, she was unable to cope. Her health failed. Perhaps, she died of consumption.

Her death is a reminder that life offers no guarantees. The choices we make will always continue to disturb us. The subsequent actions does not guaranty any result.
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